About us

Who we are

We are an intergenerational NGO. As such we have children, youth and adults as members. We are interested in helping individuals to understand how the life choices they choose today can impact their lives and the world around them in the future. We used education and information to empower individuals especially children and youths to make positive lifestyle choices.

We encourage children especially girls to develop interest in STEM subjects and the environment through the STEM and Climate clubs we organize in schools. We ensure that within schools affiliated to us, children participate in school activities and hold positions based on their capabilities and not on their gender or socio-economic background.

We teach children soft skills and moral values. Storytelling, experimentation and excursions are our methods of teaching. We operate at school and community level.

Our approach

Our Mission

1.To equip children and youth with the skill to choose Sustainable lifestyles.
2. To help the general public especially children, Youth and woman to understand how their lifestyle choices impact the world around them.
3. To advocate the general public especially children and youth on topical issues affecting their lives e.g alcohol and drug use, peer pressure, academic problems, sexual activity etc
4. To promote the gathering, storage, and dissemination of information for sustainable living and development.

Our Vision
To build a world where people are skilled in taking informed decisions.

Our entire team wants to see a world where every person has access to reliable information and guidance to become effective citizens.

Our Partners